FAX A COPY CONSULT, spol. s.r.o. has, already from the start of the company, focused on providing complex services in the field of accounting, wages and salaries accounting, and tax processing for various clients, from small businesses and small traders to large multinational corporations with hundreds of employees.


Regionally, the company’s activities are located in the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, but it has clients also in other parts of Slovakia.


The main aim of the company is to provide a quality and a complex service on time, for all clients with emphasis to a professional top level performance, long-term cooperation and a tailor-made approach to each customer.


Our company was founded in the year 1993 as a consultancy firm with focus on accounting service, wage bookkeeping and accounting and economic consulting (outsourcing). In the beginning, we provided these services mainly for the Fax & Copy group companies.


Gradually, together with the development of our company, our client portfolio has seen new members from various sectors. The more the structure of our clients was by degrees changing, the wider our portfolio has grown.


Today we are able to supply a full-service accounting and economic consulting, in most cases cooperating with licensed experts.


Our team is ready to cope with all tasks and demands from our customers. We aim to be a reliable and fully fledged partner, who is able to help solve problems and reach the main goal of cooperation – client’s satisfaction.


To be able to provide top-quality services, there is a constant need for self-improvement and development of our know-how. Therefore we are following currents trends, news, changes, thus supplying our clients with the most recent information and proactive solutions.




Currently, our company focuses not only on accounting, but also on other economic activities for our clients. Our services are sought after by physical and legal entities from small businesses to medium-sized corporations. We assume full responsibility for all work included, and all of them are insured by one of the biggest multinational insurance companies.


Our insiders take part also in university activities, namely cooperating in publication and classes, which is a guarantee of their constantly growing expert qualification. 

Our office is located in the centre of Bratislava, near to Justičný palác.