We provide accounting and wages accounting (single-entry bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping) for our clients according to the regulations in force (mainly as amended by Act on accounting and related regulations).


For our work we are using the most recent techniques based on clients´ accounting documents. Keeping records for VAT, compiling of annual and interim financial statements for clients´ needs are also a part of such activities.


When carrying out the accounting service, we take into consideration the tax aspect of costs and revenues in accordance with the law in force, mainly with the Act on income tax.


We provide single-entry bookkeeping services for all types of physical entities:

  • sole traders

  • sportsmen and artists

  • freelancers

  • forest managers and undertakers in agriculture


We provide double-entry bookkeeping services for these types of legal entities:

  • joint-stock companies

  • limited companies

  • public owner corporations

  • limited partnerships



We offer expert consultations in the field of accounting and economy for all potential customers.

We focus mainly on accounting consulting, consulting in the field of salaries and compulsory health insurance and social insurance.


Within the scope of economical and organizational consulting, we are able to answer questions from all fields of economy connected to accounting and taxes – e.g. foreign exchange, and customs procedures.


We also carry out consultations for clients who intend to start their businesses by course of tradesman regulations and commercial code.



According to individual clients’ needs, we will work out a financial analysis, financial statements analysis, special analyses...


Analyses are suitable for various types of clients, such as client’s management, banks, insurance companies, business partners…


Data derived from such analyses serve not only as a source of accounting information, but also give a complex overview of the accounting unit in the light of its actual development, and show its expected rate of growth.



In spite of the fact that our company itself does not carry out tax consulting services, nor financial statements auditing, we can provide these services for our clients through contractual cooperation with auditors and tax consultants.


In the field of auditing services, we offer statutory financial statement audits according to international auditory standards, annual report audits and their accordance with financial statements …


Tax consulting includes primarily audits of tax audit of accounting – concurrent and annual, online tax consulting via telephone or e-mail, representation in tax procedures, tax declaration processing …